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From decoding the sky, to exploring the ocean

From conquering the land to learning about yourself

COOWAN (智安)is always guiding the way for those who constantly challenge and explore the unknown...

We provide the aircraft with communications, navigation and electronic cockpit systems to ensure that the flight is foolproof

We provide ships with communications, navigation, radar, sonar and autopilot systems that allow yachts and sailboats to navigate safely in the ocean

We provide vehicles with navigation and media entertainment systems to guide users to their destinations happily

We provide handheld GPS communication mapping and navigation system for government users, making the surveying and mapping work efficient and accurate

COOWAN (智安)has nearly 20 years of industry research and development experience since the first GPS sport watch was introduced in 2003

And master the leading outdoor exercise and physiological health monitoring technology

We continue to push the envelope and surpass ourselves in technology and manufacturing processes

With its insight into the global market, COOWAN(智安) has shipped more than 200 million GPS devices worldwide over the past 30 years

We insist on providing customers with innovative and excellent quality products

Looking forward to your participation and support

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Company location

  • Bluetooth tester(TC-3000A)

  • Bluetooth, GPS, communication tester(CMW500)

Contact Us

Contact: Mr. Lin

Phone: 13418481908

Tel: 0755-23729147

Add: Building B12, Yintian Creative Park, Xixiang, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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