>   Sport heart rate bracelet

Sport heart rate bracelet

  • Bluetooth sport watch
  • Bluetooth sport watch
  • Bluetooth sport watch
Bluetooth sport watchBluetooth sport watchBluetooth sport watch

Bluetooth sport watch

  • sport heart rate minitor bracelet
  • 12USD
  • Product description: Bluetooth remote photography; Remote music control; Multiple mode of motion; call reminder; Real-time detection of heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen

Commodity name:P18 smart watch

Commodity venue: China factory manufacturers suppliers wholesale

Commodity color:Glamour black and silver

Bluetooth support: 4.0

Main chip:Han world HS6620D

Product size: 50.5*36.0*10.35mm

Button mode:Full touch panel

Product weight: 45.5g

Display:1.3-inch IPS color screen , 240 * 240 resolution

Charging method: magnetic charging

Battery specification and capacity: 200MAH large-capacity polymer

Standby power consumption: standby for 10 ~15days, normal use for 5 days

Sports: running, mountaineering, cycling, basketball, football, swimming, etc

Functions: Massive dial selection, custom dial, multi-sport modes (walking, running, swimming, badminton, football, etc. 8 sports modes),

turn wrist bright screen, weather display, time display, remote photography, remote music, do not bother mode Settings, find bracelet,

 WeChat sports, bracelet refuse to answer phone, support APP air upgrade

Compatible platform: android 4.4 or above, iOS9.0 or above

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